About Me

From my home in Poughkeepsie, I can walk to the train station. From the train station, I can get to Grand Central, that breath of high-ceiling-ed fresh air, in less than 2 hours. In my search for a job in the world of books and the people who love them, I have to make this trip often.

From the windows of the Metro North, upstate New York looks like an endless dark woods.

Here on the Train, I post reviews of fairy tale/folktale adaptations and children’s literature. I’ll rant about Peter Pan, introduce you to fairy tale scholars and writers, and keep you up to date on my own writing projects. Since starting this blog in 2011, I have had fiction and reviews published in a handful of journals, and am anticipating the publication of my first novel, a middle-grade fantasy due out next year from Hyperion. I have also had staged readings produced of three of my short Baba Yaga plays, and am looking forward to churning them together into a full-length work with the support of friends and other theatre folk just a train ride away in NYC.

Read more about my published work and freelance services at www.catefricke.com.

Thanks for reading!


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