You Know You’re a Fairy Tale Blogger When…

May 30, 2014 § 3 Comments


Once Upon a Time bloggers Kristin of Tales of Faerie and Gypsy of Once Upon a Blog noticed that their blogging habits seemed to invade other areas of their lives. They started this round-robin of fairy tale bloggers to add to their lists of quirks and observations about being obsessed with fairy tales, and asked me to join in. I’ve been tagged by Megan at The Dark Forest, so here goes! I’ll do my best to not repeat things that have already been listed, but I can’t promise…

1. Puppeteers (like Layla Holzer, for instance) begin following you on Twitter. Inexplicable, but welcome.

2. You’re suspicious of apples and straight combs.

3. You know that when you have kids, the last thing you’ll tell them is to stay out of a certain room. Because you know that guarantees that they’ll go in. Every story, every time.

4. You’ll always be disappointed that your hair never turned out like a Trina Schart Hyman heroine’s:

Not even a chance.

Not even a chance.

5. Your spine tingles when you read news stories about children rescued from abusive environments. That’s what so many fairy tales were about, at their core.

6. For that reason, you sometimes feel sorry for witches—humans can be just as cruel.

7. In fact, you love the witches. They’re the most interesting characters.

8. You know in your bones you’ll never be able to blog about everything fairy tale-related. Never. There’s too much.

8b. And when you try to explain to friends and family how much, their eyes begin to glaze over.

9. You used to bug them by starting too many conversations with “Well, in the original…” after watching a fairy tale film.

9b. Now they’re so used to it that they ask — “Is that how it went in the original?” before you even start.

9c. And you say, “define original.”

10. This was a true fangirl moment, on the level of meeting, say, Cher:

He has the merriest eyes!

He has the merriest eyes!

11. You doodle Baba Yaga huts in work meetings.

12. And finally, weary of ranting about other fairy tale adaptations, you set out to create your own.

I’m tagging Amy at The Fairy Tale Factory to post next. Here are all the other fairy tale lists for your reading pleasure:

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Kate at Enchanted Conversation
Kristina at Twice Upon a Time
Reilly, co-founder of the Australian Fairy Tales Society
Christie at Spinning Straw into Gold
Megan at The Dark Forest

Thanks for bringing me along, fellow bloggers!

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